Elizabeth Ritter Sculptures


1. Provide your artist with information

You may want to answer these questions yourself so you are able to clearly convey your expectations.

  1. What size would you like your sculpture to be? You may provide the size in measurements, such as 3 feet tall or 5 feet long, or in relation to the object such as life sized or half-life sized.
  2. What medium would you like the final piece cast in? Bronze or Raku Fired Clay?
  3. What is your budget? Be honest with yourself and the artist.

If possible, make available photographs of the subject to help us determine the level of detail needed. This will also enable Elizabeth to give a better estimate.

2. Quote given to client

3. First payment due & sculpting begins

4. Review the sculpture & second payment due

5. Sculpture sent to the foundry

6. Client receives sculpture & final payment

Let's Get Started!

If you are ready to commission your own sculpture, please contact Elizabeth RItter by phone at (660) 347-5879.

 Welcome to my website. If you are interested in checking availability or commissioning an artwork please contact me. All sculptures are scalable from miniature to monumental.