Elizabeth Ritter Sculptures

 I observe what I see, a place, a living creature, an inanimate object. An impression is formed, and it becomes an imaginary work of art that must be created. For me, art is the sharing of impressions and emotions. Of course, life experiences affect what we assimilate. Growing up in rural Missouri taught me to be self-sufficient and gave me an affinity with animals. When I sculpt human beings, they tend to be hard working, independent individuals who have an appreciation for nature and animals.


 As an only child, a deep respect for animals evolved from my youthful fascination: they were my friends and playmates. Animals have always inspired me. In fact, it was my father’s work horses that began my life-long love of sculpting. When I was three years old, I drew our horses on the living room wallpaper.


 My greatest pleasure is when viewers see my work and speak as if they truly know the subject. It is then when I feel successful: I have shared my impressions and emotions.

 In pursuit of excellence, Elizabeth Ritter has combined meticulous craftsmanship and a boundless love for nature into the truly magnificent art medium of bronze sculpture. The demand for her sculpture has been phenomenal. Ritter captures the character and energy of the subject to perfection.


 Ritter's sculptures range from miniature to monumental. When needed, she is abled to be anatomically precise and rich in movement and detail. Recently she has begun an expansion of her work that includes the stunning Raku pieces featured in the gallery. Her work has sold through top rated juried shows and galleries throughout the United States.


 Ritter was named top Missouri artist in the national level art show at the Dog Show, Wichita, Kansas in 1998. In 1997 her heroic sized figurative sculpture of a college girl was placed on the campus of Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg, Missouri. She has won numerous awards for both her bronze and stoneware sculptures during the past 15 years of her professional career.


 Enjoy your visit through Elizabeth Ritter's gallery and check back often for new sculptures! To discuss any of the sculptures shown or a possible collaboration on a commissioned piece feel free to contact the artist.

Elizabeth Ritter

“The difference between a painting and a sculpture is the difference between a shadow and the thing that casts it.”

                                                      Benuenuti Cellini